Inspired at the M&O

Courtesy of Versmissen

We make an effort to get away from daily building work for inspirational trips and fairs. It keeps the perspective fresh and focuses our minds as to why we are so passionate about what we do. We picked up several trends for interiors in 2016. Inspiration is picked up a lot from nature in textiles, colour palates and material choices. The past year has opened our eyes to the artificial world of food and how we live, so it's great to see that architecture and interior design embraces the natural beauties rather than overly processed. Lighter leathers, exotic birds and palm trees. Wild greens and onyx. We see the owl some years ago being replaced by the pineapple in 2014/2015 as the favoured trend accessory. This year we see flamingoes and parrots mixed with prints of monkeys. The interiors of 2016 are a wild and cosy affair!


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