Our cement iles - luxurious, modern and classic 

You will find 1 type of tile out of 3 that we can offer. More to come on our website shortly.

We are happy to provide you with a quote and send you samples and will happily assist in recommending a suitable tile and combination if you wish. Prices start at approx 795SEK per m2 plus shipping. Note that all tiles with motifs can be produced in a tailored colour.        

Collection PLAIN
This collection consists of 30 different colours and come in 20x20cmx15mm. They can be combined with patterned or border tiles.
Collection HEXAGON
Unique and fun way to introduce a traditional cement tile but with fun an unusual patterns. A great way to inject colour!
Collection 4-PATTERN
A pretty 20x20cm tile, where 4 tiles create a pattern.
Collection BORDER
Gorgeous border tiles in 20x20 or 20x10cm sizes that complement the PLAIN or MOTIF collections.
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